Spencer Lane Adams

Author, teacher, and musician from Houston, Texas.

Best fiction for guys - bank robbery novel for men - get away driver - bank heist funny crime thriller.

Novels ~ Works ~ Fiction

Spencer Adams writes thrillers with genuine characters that you can’t help connect with through hard truths that bring readers along the adventure with large doses of humor and emotion. There is never a dull moment with page-turning suspense, plot twits and turns, that’ll often leave you laughing or crying.

His work is featured in issue #10 of The Savage Kick Magazine with the short story, The Word of a Woman, and his current novel can be found clicking the link below.

Fool Me Twice


Teaching ~ Music ~ Guitar

As a life-long musician, fitness trainer and certified instructor, Spencer teaches music theory and guitar, as well as health and wellness.

Blogging ~ Writing ~ Craft

Spencer Adams helps other writers to improve their craft through blogs about developmental writing, character development, revising – rewriting – editing, and how to make your stories and your manuscript ready for publishing.

His posts can be found at GaladrielGrace.com

Sobriety ~ Experience ~ Success

After his arrest and conviction of bank robbery spurred by drug addiction, and then prevailing in his own life, Spencer shares his experience in order to help others learn from his mistakes and live a life of success through sobriety.

His poetry and writings are shared with Thoughts on life and the troubles that come with addiction.

His book, Overcoming the Pitfalls of Addiction, is a practical guide that helps others find applicable and feasible ways to stay off drugs and live successfully without them.