What Readers Are Saying

“Wow – this is the BEST book I have ever read! I’ve never laughed so hard!” – Goodreads

“Thrillers are usually so intense but not this one it brings some chuckles along the way, and that made it a great read for myself.”  -Amazon

“A fun read, recommended to fans of Welcome to Collingwood, Rufufu, those who enjoy comedies about criminals with a heart of gold, con men, and stories of camaraderie and friendship between men, especially those with a grain of truth.”  -Reedsy

Crime Fiction Thriller - the Moral Crusader - Self-Righteous - Paddy's Parole Officer
The best book I've ever read!

Today was Paddy Evers’ big day.

After fifteen years in prison, and meticulous planning, Paddy is gambling his entire future on the perfect heist.

Just one final score.

Thirty minutes from now, Paddy is either going to be a millionaire, or he’s going to be dead. But the one place he’s not going is back to prison.

He’s planned for anything and everything that can go wrong. But the one thing he hasn’t planned for is Mac.