Today was Paddy Evers’ big day.

After fifteen years in prison, and meticulous planning, Paddy is gambling his entire future on the perfect heist.

Just one final score.

Thirty minutes from now, Paddy is either going to be a millionaire, or he’s going to be dead. But the one place he’s not going is back to prison.

He’s planned for anything and everything that can go wrong. But the one thing he hasn’t planned for is Mac.

All right, Mac. This is your final chance.” I pointed the gun at his face. “Where is my money?”

With trembling hands, he wiped the dirt and sweat from his eyes, pleading with me to change my mind.

“Paddy, look, I don’t know where it is. But I swear it! We’ll find out! If we can just—”

“No, Mac” I said, shaking my head. “I’m sorry. There’s no more we. It’s just me now. You’re through.”

“Think about what your about to do, Paddy.”

I tightened my grip on the trigger, “I already have, Mac. Believe me. I already have.” And as my finger closed around the trigger, Mac cringed and closed his eyes.

I pulled the trigger.

And before the shot even finished echoing through the surrounding woods, a small trickle of blood began coursing a path down Mac’s dirt-smeared face.

Houston, Texas bank heist crime thriller comedy book.
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