Lessons I’ve Learned – The Hard Way

The trump card about happiness - what really makes you happy? What can you do to be happy when things are so hard?

Hard Lesson – One

Truth About Happiness Many people – especially addicts and alcoholics – have somehow come to the misguided conclusion that we’re supposed to always be happy. We always want to feel good. No matter what the circumstances. We’re always craving that next hit, that next drink, and next slice of chocolate cake. For many it’s a […]

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No one can save you but you - even God can't make you choose to be saved - your actions are your choice - making the right decisions, self-discipline and free will.

Hard Lesson – Two

No One Can Save You But You No one – not even God – will force you to make the right choices in life. Praying for God or Jesus or Buddha to change you only sets you up for failure. Because such a course removes responsibility from there it belongs (on you) and places it […]

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Quitting is not an option - how to get through today - one day at a time - depression, fear, anxiety, prison, hardships, pain, grief - making it through tough times.

Hard Lesson – Three

Quitting is not an Option For those of you who think suicide is some sort of noble deed requiring great courage, I say this: Killing yourself accomplishes nothing. It only serves to hurt and sometimes even destroy the people you love most. Suicide makes life that much harder on the survivors, who are now forced […]

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Today is the most important day of the rest of your life - make this day count - positive changes in your life, every day matters.

Hard Lesson – Four

Tomorrow Isn’t Guaranteed How many times have I heard it? “When I get out of prison, I’m going to study this, or learn to do that.” “When I get out, I’m going to turn over a new leaf.” “I’ll change when I get out. I’ll do this or that, when I get out.” I once […]

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When hardships and suffering might be for the best - how to have a positive outlook through tough times - getting through pain, grief, loss.

Hard Lesson – Five

Maybe It’s Good Many times when something bad happens to us – getting fired from a job, getting denied entry from the university of your choice, a car breaking down, you name it – there is something is going on behind the scenes that we can’t see. And in the end, what we thought was […]

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