Thus Spoke the Lord

Do you love me, Father?
“I love you, my son.”
Then grant me my will.
“Free will, I give to thee.”
Thus spoke the Lord.


And it’s mine to use as I please?
“Why no,” replied my Father,
“Reproof, I will also give to thee.”
Reproof? I asked my Father,
Please explain that word to me,
“It’s a rod to guide your ways, my son,
“That you’ll more clearly see.”

Thus Spoke the Lord - Poetry - Spencer Lane Adams - making choices and accepting consequences in life - path to sobriety.

A rod? I asked my father,
You’ve confused me once again.
“It is a punishment to lead you,
“Back to me again.”
Thus spoke the Lord.


Yet how shall I discern this rod?
Asked I unto the Lord.
“It is a pain that you shall feel,
but yet, in time, a pain that heals.”
Thus spoke the Lord.


Yet time and time again, I felt that pain
I heard His voice. And yet I took no heed,
Because I thought it was my choice.
“Listen closely,” said my Father,
As I now bowed down in sorrow.
“It is not pain I wish to give,
“But yet a lesson for tomorrow,
That you might yet still learn to live.”
“For when I granted you free will,
I did not wish for it to be,
That you would walk in darkness, son,
Or stray so far from me.
For I gave you will to freely choose,
And thus be truly free,
To choose what’s right, and shun the wrong,
And turn your heart to me.
Thus spoke the Lord.
My Lord spoke it unto me.


Spencer Lane Adams

Decision Point

There comes a point in every person’s life where the road you’ve been traveling comes to an end.


Or maybe the road continues on, but you realize the time has come for you to take a different road. A higher, better road. Where a new and brighter destination awaits.


Deciding on what path to choose in life - overcoming problems, addictions, changing your life - decision point.

Perhaps the path you have chosen has taken you as far as possible, or even led you backwards.


Maybe you’ve fallen into a ditch and can’t for the life of you climb out. Moving forward has become impossible.


The good news my friend, is you are not stuck.


To find release, you need only listen to your inner self. It whispers to you in the wind and in dreams, telling you: The chains that bind you are as dust compared to the power of your spirit!


One decision, backed by will and intention, is all that is required. You need only decide, and it shall be done.


Do not think that there is more to it than this. For in thinking it is so, you will make it so, and thus defeat yourself.


Search not for secret formulas or magic spells. Do not put your faith in esoteric or “occult mysteries”, step methods, or pop psychology.
If the milk is sour, throw it away. If the meat is rancid, toss it out.


You wish to change? Then decide to change. That is all.


And if it should come to pass that months later, you still have not changed, search no further for an explanation than this: You simply never truly decided to change in the first place.


“Oh, but I did! I did!” you say. Yet a moment’s honest reflection is all that is necessary to see that your so-called “decision” was half hearted at best.


Understand this – if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice: a choice to remain trapped in bondage, a voluntary servitude, so to speak.


And there, you shall remain, until such a time that you actually do decide. And remember this – that each and every day you put off that decision, you choose to remain in that rut, you choose (by default) death over life, darkness over light, and evil over good.


Because that which robs you of your free will is death. That which drags your spirit downward is darkness. And that which strips you of your dignity is darkness. This then, is what you choose every day.


All this and more is yours, and shall remain yours forever, for want of a simple decision.