Deciding on what path to choose in life - overcoming problems, addtions, changing your life - decision point.

Decision Point

There comes a point in every person’s life where the road you’ve been traveling comes to an end.   Or maybe the road continues on, but you realize the time has come for you to take a different road. A higher, better road. Where a new and brighter destination awaits.   Perhaps the path you […]

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Choosing your mindset - state of mind - making the choice to be happy.

A State of Mind

Whenever we get offended by a character flaw in another person, it usually means we ourselves have a similar problem. And if we can so easily excuse ourselves, why not then excuse another? Getting angry at humans for being human is akin to getting angry at a river for flowing downhill. It is in the […]

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Letting Go of the Past - Spencer Lane Adams - learning to let go and move on to a brighter and better future.

Letting Go of the Past

As we walk along the path of life, steadfast in courage, strong in will, each and every mile we travel takes us further away from the pain of our past. But make no mistake. To get past the mountain of adversity, you must climb it—one foot in front of the other, and if necessary, one […]

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