What do you want to change today? Start with forgiveness in your world first...

Peace On Earth

Imagine today is your last day on Earth. You have twenty-four hours to live. Twenty-four hours in which to prepare for your final journey. That journey from which no traveler ever returns. What will you do? How will you spend that final day? If you”re like most people, your primary concern will be to die […]

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Choosing Sobriety and a New Path in Life

What Path Are You On?

So where are you on your path? Are you choosing to focus on what is positive and most productive in your life?   On creating, building, and contributing to society and those around you?   On love, friendship, and harmony with the people around you?   May we daily utilize our God-given intelligence to make […]

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Enough is Enough - Spencer Lane Adams Poem - From Father to Son - Giving up addiction.

Enough is Enough

Sit down, my son — please lend me your ear.Lately, you’ve taken a wrong turn, I fear,But I won’t criticize you or take you to task,I only have one simple question to ask.   Have you had enough nightlife and glamour and thrills?Have you had enough problems with paying your bills?Have you had enough cocaine […]

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