Thus Spoke the Lord - Poetry - Spencer Lane Adams - making choices and accepting consequences in life - path to sobriety.

Thus Spoke the Lord

Do you love me, Father?“I love you, my son.”Then grant me my will.“Free will, I give to thee.”Thus spoke the Lord.   And it’s mine to use as I please?“Why no,” replied my Father,“Reproof, I will also give to thee.”Reproof? I asked my Father,Please explain that word to me,“It’s a rod to guide your ways, […]

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Enough is Enough - Spencer Lane Adams Poem - From Father to Son - Giving up addiction.

Enough is Enough

Sit down, my son — please lend me your ear.Lately, you’ve taken a wrong turn, I fear,But I won’t criticize you or take you to task,I only have one simple question to ask.   Have you had enough nightlife and glamour and thrills?Have you had enough problems with paying your bills?Have you had enough cocaine […]

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Choosing your mindset - state of mind - making the choice to be happy.

A State of Mind

Whenever we get offended by a character flaw in another person, it usually means we ourselves have a similar problem. And if we can so easily excuse ourselves, why not then excuse another? Getting angry at humans for being human is akin to getting angry at a river for flowing downhill. It is in the […]

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